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SMC’s Live Stream Simulation Training Is An Elite On-Line Training Option

Coming to you live from our Elite Sports Emergency Care Training Center studio in Avon, NY!

Very life-like scenarios conducted at SMC’s Elite Sports Emergency Care Training Facility are broadcast all over the world to offer an economical, convenient, and proven way for medical teams to train.

If there is one positive that will come out of the pandemic for Sports Medicine Concepts, it is that the crisis provided SMC the opportunity to develop another elite training experience for sports medicine professionals.  SMC owner and CEO, Mike Cendoma says that live stream distance based simulation training was in the works for a number of years, but the COVID crisis ramped up SMC’s efforts to ensure they were able to meet the needs of their clients who needed training during a time when gathering was a challenge.  SMC met the challenge by repurposing much of its existing technology and equipment to produce livestream simulation training.  The program was well conceived and we all felt we had a nice band-aide to get everyone through the pandemic, Cendoma said.  But, I must admit, we were all taken back at just how well the program did.  It was so successful that Cendoma immediately added the livestream simulation experience to the company’s portfolio of services.  SMC’s new Elite Sports Emergency Care Training Center allows SMC to produce even more true-to-life simulation, and live stream it to medical teams anywhere in the world.

Live stream simulation services from SMC involve observing the SMC simulation staff performing various management strategies under very life-like conditions.  The organic nature and true-to-life simulations provide the backdrop for instructor facilitated medical team debriefings aimed at discussing interdisciplinary team dynamics and critical care task performance that have a direct impact on outcomes for potentially critically injured or sick athletes.

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