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SMC Set To Launch The On-Demand SMC Academy

It’s Not The Same Old Home Study Programming Your Father Did!

SMC Academy programming uses real-life simulation to demonstrate concepts and techniques in a realistic format for a more impactful learning experience.

Everything at SMC is grounded in true-to-life simulation experiences.  SMC’s new On-Demand Academy is no different.  Program topic areas address the full spectrum of sports emergency care topics with one thing in common; they all use life-like simulation to focus on practical application of critical care skills that are known to positively affect outcomes.  Take part in 1hr continuing education opportunities or complete the more extensive evidence-based curricula, like SMC’s own Concussion Management Specialist certificate program.  Your choice, at your leisure.  Create a personal account to track all your CEU activities and store your certificates of completion.  Users will receive special on-going promotions and offers to make continuing education easy, cost-effective, and most importantly, impactful.  

The SMC Academy’s first 5 topics will be:

  1. On-Field Neurological Assessment: Use of SMC’s Progressive On-Field Neurological C-Spine and Head Trauma Assessment Algorithms and Clinical Transport Criteria
  2. Interdisciplinary Medical Team Dynamics Resulting in High Quality CPR
  3. Recognition, Care, and Management of Anaphylaxis
  4. BLS Airway Management in the Prehospital Setting
  5. Prehospital Cold Water Immersion Protocols for Management of Heat Stroke

Register for the SMC Academy today to receive our special launch offer and be notified when the SMC Academy opens.


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